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Drabble meme

...Or similarly short bit of writing, but that's not as concise. Stolen whole from lambwolfandman so I probably don't know what I'm getting myself into. Take your pick, and I'll (try to) write it!

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Going Ballistic

There is a clear field some distance from any of the main routes of Nexus traffic, one without enough grass to attract inter-dimensional picnickers or, for that matter, much of anyone else. Lord Gromgard finds it reminds him of home, except bizarrely flat and eerily lacking in angry monsters.

Not that it’s too quiet, by any means. A pack of Brown minions are setting up the archery targets dug out of the castle stores and enthusiastically tacking bits of dwarf armour over them. That is, the parts they aren’t wearing themselves.

Presently one runs over to the Overlord where he’s peering at the distant lake and announces through its false beard that they’re done. The Overlord summons the nearest of his pack of attendant Blues, the one who knows who to look for.

Find Samus Aran,
he tells them. The pair salute and scamper off. He’s never used them as messengers before, but he expects it’ll work. Blues seem to be the smartest ones. It might even pass for polite.


OOC Info Post

Background information about the Overlord for reference and the curious. Information subject to elaborations and updates as necessary.

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Rollick the cook looked up from his work to see what his young master was doing with the kitchen shelf. “What’s that you’ve got there, young Lord?”

Lord Gromgard looked around at him, and then finished tucking the tin he was holding in among the other jars. There was plenty of room, after the halflings had been. Most of the surviving jars were empty.

A present, said the Overlord quietly. From… a friend.

“That’s nice,” said Rollick approvingly, switching knives. “It’s good to see you getting out and about, young master, if you don’t mind me saying so. Seems to have cheered you right up, as well.”

The Overlord blinked at him, at a loss as to how he knew. Did he mean the… hugging incident last night?

“It’s a good thing, too,” Rollick continued, slicing lumps of pumpkin into the pot. “That Moaning Moe’s been shouting his slander around the village again. You’d better go down there and teach him a lesson.”

The Overlord gave the impression of a sigh. Yes. He picked up his axe and turned- and then looked back at the tea tin, sitting on the shelf in case of future headaches.

Yes. A good thing, too.

Journal entry 2: Contractual allergies

Important Note: As the Overlord I’ve inherited an allergy to Good magic, including any magic ‘sweet and fluffy’ enough to count. (Now Gnarl tells me.) Until I’m older and stronger, I’m not as resistant to it. But because I’m not as strongly attuned to Evil yet it can’t hurt me much. Small comfort.

The magic food I found in the Nexus was not Good enough to hurt me immediately, just ‘fluffy neutral’. I think… I became intoxicated. Now I have a migraine from the after-effects. That's the last time I rely on the Browns to test for danger.

On the bright side: Rollick is very happy about receiving hugs, even if I think I spiked him in the process.

Ganked off lych_o_learning...

...and inflicted on the Overlord for edification and amusement, iiiiit's the

New, Improved Character Survey of Doom (sweet gods this thing is long)Collapse )


Journal entry 1: First week on the job

This week I have saved the castle from Halflings, rescued three tribes of my lost minions, inherited the mantle of my great-uncle, slain a werewolf and a rock giant, defeated a witch, and deceived both my land's enemies into war with each other.

I also cleared out the pumpkin fields and helped Nym the bard with some drunken villagers. I think this is the 'burden of leadership' they talk about.

The war has begun. This morning the elves and the dwarves launched simultaneous attacks on each other and met halfway. No signs of a clear victor yet, but then even the casualties will still be chewing on each other for a while before they realise they’re dead. I should send someone to report on their progress.

Repairs to the castle are proceeding. The Minions are still sounding out the structural damage, but as Gnarl says, the castle was built to last. The family portraits have also suffered some ‘unfortunate’ damage from the fire and the smoke… with one exception. Somehow the Black Baron’s portrait is completely unscathed.

I’ve ordered that Greenvale be fortified, especially the town of Meadowsweet, just in case my siblings do find time to raid my land. Even with the Minions, we’re low on manpower and there is much to do.

I think I’ve discovered a new piece of my great-uncle’s legacy: a new door from the throne-room, sealed so that only I could open it. It leads to some kind of gateway area between worlds, a Nexus where visitors are invited to put questions to the other beings of the place. Gnarl didn’t know anything about it – he could not speak to me while I was beyond the door, but I don’t know why the Baron would have hidden it from him. It is… odd, and perhaps dangerous. I spoke to several of the travellers within: there are powers within this Nexus, and it’s not part of my Evil domain. I will have to be careful in exploring it.

How strange to think that the Baron must have visited this place. But where my ancestor walked, I will not be afraid to follow.

NB: Decide where to locate my new room while the Minions are making alterations.

Sealing the way was just asking for it.

It's been a very eventful few days, and it's about to get more so again. The young Overlord has found another set of steps leading down from the throne room, and there's something interesting beyond the door at the bottom.

Never let it be said that this Overlord shied away from stepping into the unknown...